Class of '69 Photos.

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Confirmation Class at St Mark Lutheran Church, April 1965

 1st row-Connie Page, Terry Michael, Steve Faulkner, Susan Esbensen, Helena Kessler, Marilyn Messerschmidt, Claudia Jacobson. 2nd row-Gerold Hansen, Brian Cage, Kris Nelson, Margie Jordan, Linda Novotny Vujnovich, Marsha Millen, Cindy Shearon, Candy Evans. 3rd row-Bill Stifel, Mary Kennedy, Jeanne Wood, Jerry Stock, Pastor Meine, Ted Graff, Linda Lundin, Doug Anhorn, Mike Stifel.  (Photo provided by Jeanne Wood Wolf.)


Clegg Park  6th Grade  Mrs. Grimes class  1962-1963

 Front Row:  Doug Squires, George Barnard, Gary Welbourn, Jim McGill, Jim Button, Jim Giles, Skip Drake, Paul Lewis, Doug Anhorn.  Second row:  Jim Alt, Patty Evans, Candy Evans, Don Weintz (I think), Kate Boyd, Jaretta Wester, Mary Lou Messerschmidt (Sp?), girl, girl.  Third row:  Sandy Wisty, Mrs. Grimes, unknown, Cheryl Vandenburg, unknown, Roger Deaton, Rick Pearson, Sharon Greenwood, Principal Mrs. Root.  (Picture from Patty Evans.  Naming assistance from Skip Drake.)

Wrestling Cheerleaders 1969

 Jeannie Bray Cole, Sue Vandenburg, Marty Morgan, Pam LePera, Shelly Waldron and Patti Evans Hart.


 The Girls from 20th Reunion- 1989

In front:  Mary Ann Septer and Ann Schneider Garcia.  In Back:  Jeanne Wood Wolf and Kathleen Nesbit Hansen.

From 30th Reunion- 1999

Jerry Thompson, Shiela Fox, Kathleen Nesbit Hansen, Doug Fidler, Ed Greenman

West Des Moines Little League  1963

 Clive Elementary  Fifth Grade Mrs Emmert  1961

Top Row: Girl, Laurie Zimmerman, Girl, Bryn Ohme, Jim Osborn, David Paul, Bruce Newell,  JIm Lundberg,Girl. 2nd Row: Kathie Nesbit,. Betty Strock, Carol Coppola, Mike Waters, Randy Worth, Glenn Briskin, Greg Artis, Kurt Korte, Debbie McClatchley.  3rd Row: Nancy King, Sally Somebody, Bindy Teater, JoEllen Cannon, Billie Somebody, Ron Skeie, Nancy Goehring, Girl.  Bottom Row:  Mrs. Emmert, Tom Stevenson, Aaron Rosenfeld, Scott Holmes, Girl, Mr. Hyke, principal.   (Photo provided by Kathie Nesbit.)

 1966 West Des Moines Senior League National Finalists-  The following are memorabilia from that season.


Clegg Park Elementary-  Mrs. Root  1960

Football Program- West Des Moines Valley vs. Des Moines Tech 1968

WDM Valley Freshman Women's Basketball- 1966


1st Row:  Jan Hill, Kathy Flanagan, Rosemary Wiese, Mary Bridenstine, Sheila Townsend, Carol Huebnar, Carolyn  Layden, Becky Allen   2nd Row:  Mr. Wineingar, Elizabeth True (Manager), Claudia Jacobson, Sharon Litke, Jacque Collins, Cheryl Vandenburg, Sue Esbenson, Kris Nelson, Sue Richardson, Claudia Morford, Marcia Wickiser (Manager)