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12/27/09 09:17 AM #13    

Chris Brown (1966)

Holly-just found the website-great job. Used to live across the street from you in red brick house at 809 ashworth. Did make it to the 10 year reunion but not since. Will retire in june 2010 and would have more time to come back for next reunion. Chris Brown

12/27/09 04:12 PM #14    

Lynn Kirkwood (Pettit) (1971)

Thanks for all the work you have gone to Holly! What a wonderful way to reconnect with classmates. You are amazing!!

04/23/10 07:23 AM #15    

Tamela McGrew (1986)

Thank you for providing this! I wonder from time to time how everyone is doing, so hopefully some of the classes of 1985 and 1986 will write!

06/15/10 08:21 PM #16    

Christie Fidler (Thielman) (1970)


Thanks girl, your idea has become a reality.  Congrats !!

07/27/10 01:45 PM #17    


Tyler Stowe (1970)

Well not many more days - See you all there at the Re-Union or on Facebook where I seem to see a bunch getting connected. 

 My family re-union. I am in the back row with the white tee shirt, and my wife Colleen is in Red to the right of me. My daughters form the trio in front, Melissa, Cory (in white), and Michelle (in Red).



Tyler Stowe

08/12/10 06:46 PM #18    


Lynn Glazebrook (Murphy) (1970)

Anyone else notice that the class of 76 had a lot of people in the In Memory section? How sad is that. It's nice to remember all of our alumni who have passed on.

08/12/10 06:49 PM #19    


Lynn Glazebrook (Murphy) (1970)

My mom, Lorrine Glazebrook-Sheehan, was the school nurse at Valley for  alot of years. She is 88 this year and living in Ft. Myers, Florida, still independent and active. I'll attach a picture of her with me and my youngest daughter when we were visiting a couple years ago- add to my profile.  

08/17/10 04:09 PM #20    


Judy Grant (Kiriplosky) (1966)

Dear Holly and all of you on the reunion committee,

I had a really great time at the Val Air with lots of our old school mates.  Thanks for putting it together. 

Judy Grant Kiripolsky

08/18/10 07:43 AM #21    

Jacque Myers (Knight) (1978)


Thank you for putting all of this together! 

01/06/11 07:24 PM #22    


Gregg Wieck (1974)

This is an excellent opportunity to see what everyone is up to these days, A lot of changes.

04/02/11 11:00 PM #23    

Colin McBee (1961)


Just wanted to say that I appreciate the work you've done on this.  This is a great benefit to Valley Grads.  I've managed to get our total up to sixteen (16).  Not bad for the more senior alums that aren't really all that tech oriented.  I expect more to come.  Was wondering if you have a plan for yearbooks?

Colin ('61)

11/10/13 10:25 PM #24    

Kim C. "Kc" Jefferies (1970)

Mr Robert C Steele, former VOCAL MUSIC TEACHER at VALLEY in the late 60's and 70's, has posted his tel. no. and postal address for those that would like to contact him from the choirs he conducted in the STAFF MEMBERS Listing on the top of the list, to the left..   The Girls, Boys, and Combined Choirs...many of you, were in had great sound...all under his direction.  Now I haven't heard any of the choirs in the last 25 years, but after Mr Steele left, I didn't think much of the vocal music programs.   The choirs sounded good, but the direction was a little bit suffering, but who I'm I to say they were that good or not so good.  I never persude music as a vocation, only on a professional turntable at several public and private radio stations.  So that was my "TURN" for the worse, if you don't mind the "NEEDLING" of a Disc Jockey/Announcer/Engineer.   I was in the choir and boy's groups of 1969 and helped to record our record that year.  It was really fantastic to see the process and with the assistance of VOCAL MUSIC TEACHER , Robert Medberry from Stillwell, we got a great recording from a great choir... The Following year, I believe, Patty Whitting was part of an excellent choir, were she performed soloist on one of two of the pieces for a great CHRISTMAS ALBUM.   I have both of them and looking forward to trying to get them re-introduced as digital formats to benefit the Choirs and the Music programs at Valley... The Football people always seem to get the money, but when it's time to put on those musicals, the cash flow seems no where to be found.  If you're interested in a copy of either the 1969 Choir or 1970/71 record, let me know... I'd like some feed back..   (No, I'm not sure when I can get them done.  There's a thing called copyrights that we will have to research and then pay for the rights to have the performances re-digitized and pay the royalties!)   Thanks one and all.

11/11/13 08:01 AM #25    

Jane Griffith (Lyons) (1966)

Mr. Steele ROCKED!  I was in his varsity choir in 1963 thru 1966.  He demanded attention, tonal perfection, and balance but in a kind, gentle way.  I loved going to his class 3 days a week and wished it was every day.  The choirs were awesome...chill inducing.  Who knew 14 thru 18 year olds could produce that kind of sound.  We came in first at every state contest we went to, thanks to Mr. Steele. 

I also was in choir under Mr. Medberry at Stillwell in 1961 and 1962.  He recorded us then, and I still have the record today.  I only wish we could've recorded in high school under Mr. Steele.  Our voices were a little more mature, and the choir sounded fantastic.  If memory serves me right, the smaller girls' quartet did record, but the varsity choir didn't.

It was SO much fun reading your post, KC.  Even tho you came a few years after me, it brought back so many good memories of my hands-down favorite class in high school. :)  I hope you find more recordings, and that they're a huge benefit to the music department at Valley.  They totally deserve it.

Best wishes,

Janie Griffith Lyons, Class of '66.


11/11/13 10:31 AM #26    

Joy Langeness (Coppola) (1964)

Couldn't agree more.  Between Mr. Steele and Mr. Kinney - VHS had the best music department in the Midwest!  

08/06/14 03:17 PM #27    


Karen Soliday (1969)

Mr Steele was instrumental in my vocal music knowledge and why I chose to pursue my abilities with it!

I remember singing Soprano, Tenor, First Tenor, Alto, Second many of the cool tunes he picked out for us.  Our choir ROCKED the 1969 Girls Basketball finals and as I recall, we placed first or near first in the All-State Choir with the All Stars that we had back then:  Jim Edwards, Sheila Fox, Mariliyn Lodge, Rosemary Wiese, many!  Does anyone have any pictures of us?  Or any of the Recordings?  Any Stillwell Chorus recordings with Mr. Medberry?  I know we did some because I had a solo in one of the songs.  I am going to have to thrash through ALL my LP's to find something.  If I have anything, I can then digitize from my USB turntable and software that I have.  I will keep you posted!



08/07/14 04:49 PM #28    

Brian Steen (1968)

Mr.Steele gave me an unexpedted chance to excel. He and Jerry Kinney agreed that I, a lowly 8th grader, could play my trumpet in the Valley HS production of the Sound of Music, conducted by Bob.  I was stunned and hugely motivated.  SO much fun!.  Bob also somehow arranged for me to sing in the All State Chorus....loved it!

I'm still singing...two choirs in the SF Bay area and many others between 1968 Valley  and now.  I thank Bob for nudging me forward as he did for so many other students. And I thank Valley for all the other opportunities. 

08/09/14 12:37 AM #29    

J. Douglas Grodt (1969)

This is Tina Jespersen Grodt.  Doug and I used to share this e-mail.  Doug is currently in Urbandale visiting his father.

I visited Bob Steele in the care facility last year, and I was surprised to see Carol Hedges' collage of The Music Man hanging in his room.  It was a prized posession.

I retired from teaching music in 2006.  Bob was largly responsible for my career choice.  (OK, so I was destined.)  Ralph Helt, class of 1968, attended Bob's funeral at the West Des Moines United Methodist Church on 8th Street.  He saw both Jerry Kinney and Norman Pogemiller attending.  Bob directed the church choicr there for many years.

My mother died in October, so, like many of you, I have no ties to West Des Moines any more.  At age 63, my singing voice is a thing best remembered, not practiced.   This is my daughter (Stage name)

08/09/14 01:23 PM #30    

Ronald Ray Rodd (1965)

So sorry to hear the passing of Mr. Steele. He was my music teacher at Valley High in 63-64. In addition he was my music teacher at the Methodist Church on Hillside and Grand.  I loved singing, theatre and sports. How unfortunate for me. Loved singing on Sundays in Church and overall church activities(especially all the work with Mr. Coldiron and his wife in preparation for our Washington D.C./New York City visit as part of MYF in 1963). Loved theatre and performing in the many musicals and dramas. Loved being Beureguard Jackson Pickett Burnside in Auntie Mame, among other roles.

The unfortunate aspect of loving music, sports and drama is the apparent dislike between two of the activities. My Football coaches(Elgin, others) did'nt especially like my music endeavors. But they didn't keep me out of games. 

However, for some reason I will never understand Mr. Steele during the middle of Choir practice called me out and FIRED me from Choir. I was stunned. Ashamed to be singled out and embarrassed in front of many of my schoolmates. 

Whats more peculiar he continued to conduct choir at the Methodist Church. We continued to meet every Thursday night for practice. He, nor I, ever mentioned a thing about what happened. 

I began learn a tension and dislike between sports and music. It is if I had to make a choice. At least at the high school level.

As I entered college and played football I would quickly dress from practice and run over to the Mens Glee Club. Not one Glee Club member, nor the instructor ever said a word. More than once I was late from football practice for Glee Club. No worries I loved those guys in Glee. We sang all over Iowa. 

One in particular Glee Club visit to the Mental Institute in Southeast Iowa. We ran onto stage and sang out Brothesr Sing On. There were about 8 rows of patients and our running and open song scared the hell out of them. There was chaos and big, I mean BIG ladies with BIG Batons came in and with FORCE swept away and carried away many of the mental patients. After all was done only a few brave patients remained behind, but the majority listening now were those same BIG nurses. I, and many of us , could not say a word. 

Lastly, I want to remember and call out my drama reading class and teachers, fellow thespians who did/t seem to care at all about my music or football tensions. A better class of people for sure. 

08/11/14 07:38 AM #31    


Mary Clare Hedges (Evans) (1975)

Dear Tina - Thank you for sharing your thoughts about visiting Mr. Steele.  I was especially moved to hear he had a collage of The Music Man in his room and considered it a prize possession.   Mr. Steele cast me in that 1968 HS musical as a fifth grader and I was honored to sing with the very talented Linda Slezak.  My mother, Carole Hedges, made the collage as a gift for him. What a thrill to know he still enjoyed it after so many years. He was a dedicated and tireless director, how blessed we were to have him as our teacher. 

Mary Clare Hedges Evans

08/12/14 04:06 PM #32    

Shirley Hicks (Dalrymple--Conner) (1953)

Holly, yes, this is a great service. Thank You!

 I see most of the posts are from the younger folks. I was in the class of 1953, Shirley Hicks Dalrymple Conner. Some of our class still meets for lunch once a month on the first Wednesday of the month.   We had great 50th & 60th class reunions as well as several earlier ones.  

 I had children in the classes of '76. '78' '80' and '90 so do recognize some of the names of staff and former students.

08/29/14 06:15 PM #33    

Sam J. Kranovich (1973)

Former Athlectic Director Ray Brynes passed away on Wed Aug. 27, 2014. Ray retired in 1989.


09/03/14 03:43 PM #34    

Paul Smith (1975)

Karole Kahley Tanney (VHS 1974) died September 2, 2014

10/20/16 06:24 AM #35    

JoEllen Crook (McDonald) (1970)

Update:    Our sincere apologies for the inappropriate comments "supposedly" from Keeci Townsend Sjoberg. Unfortunately, we could not recall the Message forum notifications.  

We have been notified that she did not post the comments.  We are in contact with Keeci and are working on getting this resolved at this time.   Thank you for your understanding.  Jo

01/16/17 10:08 AM #36    

Shirley Hicks (Dalrymple--Conner) (1953)

Thanks for current post of obituaries for two classmates of Class of 1953.  Larry Brubaker and Helen Brody Lekowsky.  Really appreciate the attention given for all the posts.

02/16/17 11:57 AM #37    

Michael Callison (1971)

I am working on compiling a list of all of my fellow Veteran Classmates from the Class of 1971 for our Class Reunion Committee.  We would like to Honor all of our Classmates who served our Country. If you might like to be included, please send me an email at MCALL78869@AOL.COM.  Please let me know what branch of the military you were in and what years you served.  Thank you so much! Michael Callison   




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